Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo (147ml)
Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo (147ml)
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Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo (147ml)

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Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo (147ml)

Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo gradually and gently restores your hair to its original color. Restoria Discreet’s patented formula - no ammonia and peroxide, and fortified with aloe vera and coconut oil - leaves your hair shiny and healthy-looking. Discover the secret to restoring your hair’s vitality - all you do is shampoo.

This breakthrough shampoo gently restores natural-looking colour to grey hair, gradually reducing the amount of grey in your hair every time you use it. The results look subtle and remarkably natural. This is as easy as it gets.

Simply use Restoria Discreet as your regular shampoo, until you like what you see. This usually takes between 2-4 weeks. For quicker results, we recommend using Restoria Discreet daily. Once you have achieved your desired look, you can use it a few times a week to maintain the look.

The results are long lasting and will not wash out. Over time, you’ll even notice that there’s no gray root line when you use Restoria because you are shampooing away new grays as they grow in.

The gentle cleansing formula, with aloe vera and coconut oil, nourishes the hair, leaving it stronger and healthier looking. And unlike traditional colorants, Restoria does not contain damaging ammonia or peroxide. Just another reason you and your hair will love it. Experience this easy, gentle way to refresh your look and feel revitalized.

Do not use Restoria on hair that has been lightened, bleached, highlighted, coloured blonde, or coloured with henna as these processes can change the way hair responds to Restoria.

- Reduces grey with each shampoo
- Gently cleans & revitalizes hair
- With Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil
- For Dark Brown to Black Hair